IEFB /men's wear 2021 spring fashion new Overknee Handsome Windbreaker Trend Long coat oversize Overcoat Loose Coat 9Y888

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Size Length Chest Sleeve Length
M 111cm 123.5cm Insert shoulder sleeve
L 113cm 134cm Insert shoulder sleeve
XL 115cm 138cm Insert shoulder sleeve
XXL 117cm 135.5cm Insert shoulder sleeve
Above is a manual measurement, which may have a 1-3CM error with the object. Please refer to the received object.
Size recommendation

Height: 175 weight: 65KG  photo size: l

Name height weight b286 - n163 / p78
Dafei 170cm 50KG M loose
Ah Wen 176cm 62KG M fits, L is loose
Big Brother 180c'm 70kg L fits well, XL is loose
Due to the difference of the type and personal style of dress, we suggest you refer to the "size information" of this item.